July 1989 Pop Culture: Robert, Reggae & Road House

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The pop culture coverage of the July 1989 issue gets into a lot of different areas. The breakup of Johnny Depp’s latest engagement? An offensive Guns N’ Roses song? Censorship? A surprising amount of Ken Ober? What Now goes there! We also get reviews of Say Anything…, Road House, Boy George, and Julian Lennon, among many others. One To Watch tells us about Alex DΓ©sert, yet another young actor with a perfectly respectable character-actor career ahead of him. Our features tell us about Robert Downey Jr. (in his second profile in the magazine) and reggae (uh oh, Pam). But what you may remember best about this episode is that it takes you to melon camp — you’re welcome and/or sorry.

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00:00:00 It Is July 1989 00:03:55 What Now 00:21:21 Watch It 00:31:37 Listen Up 00:45:42 One To Watch 00:49:19 Feature: Robert Downey, Jr. Acts Like An Adult 00:51:23 Feature: Reggae For Beginners 00:56:29 Goodbye For Now 00:58:35 Pam Gets The Willem Defoe Apron Photo

Episode Notes

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