September 1990 Pop Culture: Movie Sequels, James Marshall & The Hothouse Flowers

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There’s a lot of pop culture in the September 1990 issue that will need revision sooner or later. Like: a report on the cancellation of 21 Jump Street, just weeks before its revival in syndication. And: making James Marshall One To Watch off the strength of one season of Twin Peaks, before he went off the grid. Or: an extensive feature on The Hothouse Flowers, perhaps to justify the expense of whoever paid for Christina to go to Dublin and interview them. And while giving Die Hard 2 a mere 2 stars is, of course, a matter of taste…it’s not taste we share. All this and much more awaits you in our latest podcast!

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Episode Notes

The June 1990 Pop Culture episode, containing Christina's middling review of Suzanne Vega's album Days Of Open Hand
"Eskimo Yoyo Champion" on YouTube
21 Jump Street on Wikipedia
Another 48 Hrs. on Paramount+
Robocop 2 on Max
Die Hard 2 on Hulu
James Marshall's Gap ad
"Twin Peaks: The Return's James Marshall on David Lynch, Reviving 'Just You,' and Whether His Character Is Actually Cool" at Vulture
@jamesmarshallartist on Instagram
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