September 1990 Teen Life: Tricking Boys, Puppy Mills & Painting

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The first thing you need to know about this episode is that there was an issue with one of the tracks. It doesn’t matter who did what: the result is that Dave had to use a backup to the backup, which means this is going to be a more rough-and-ready version of the podcast than you’re used to. We’re sorry about that, but hey: it’ll be all the more enjoyable when the next episode reaches you with its usual level of polish. MOVING ON: the September issue’s Teen Life topics include gangs, puppy mills, and a bedroom painting project your parents are probably never going to let you do. Fortunately, we also get a report from Kim about which boy-meeting strategies worked best at a recent party attended by several eligible Sassy staffers. We’ll also touch on braces, veins, a conversion to Islam in RECORD speed, which girls are allowed to dress “provocatively,” and an annoyingly brief Stuff You Wrote. Grab your Rollerblades (but put on a helmet first) and join us!

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Episode Rundown

All the usual stuff except it is all stuck together because of REASONS.

Episode Notes

"Dutch Boy 1991 Television Commercial" on YouTube
The ASPCA's mini-site on puppy mills [warning: graphic images]
Maybe or maybe not the Billy Gallo who painted for Karen
Billy Gallo in the November 1988 What He Said
Enid Harlow on GoodReads
The Again With This podcast