Quiz: Are You A Perfectionist?

You know the type. Never quite satisfied with their grades (even though they got the only A in advanced physics). Never satisfied with their cars (“Is that a SCRATCH???”). Never satisfied with, well, anything. They’re perfectionists. Are you? Take this quiz and find out.

Your boyfriend walks in the front door with a piece of fuzz on his shirt. Would you pick it off before you say hello?

Do you remember to send cards to all your relatives on their birthdays (including cousin Wilbur)?

You're dying to wear your new skirt, but it's a little creased and you're so late you don't have time to iron it. Would you wear it anyway?

If a button popped off your favorite cardigan, would you sew it back on within a week (honest, now)?

When your art teacher packs the whole class off to the museum to sketch statues, do you hand in complete replicas (right down to the toenails)?

Do you know how to make hospital corners?

Have you ever filed your toenails?

For a history class presentation, would you spend weeks making a model Liberty Bell, complete with red, white and blue neon lights and the Yankee Doodle Dandy soundtrack?

Do you keep more than two of the following things in your purse or locker: a mini sewing kit, a spare pair of nylons/tights, a dictionary, a mirror, an extra set of car/house keys, a calculator?

Do you fill in all those blanks in the front of your address book for fire, police, emergency, doctor and ambulance phone numbers?

Has it been more than three weeks since you took your gym clothes home to be washed?

Do you change vacuum cleaner attachments so you can do the corners?

Do you know your social security number by heart?

Have you ever substituted Cliffs Notes for real Shakespeare?

Have you ever ironed a T-shirt?