May 1990 Slumber Party: Embarrassment, Temu & The Other Keanu Reeves

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The May 1990 Sassy quiz invites us to Rate [Our] Embarrassability, almost as though they don’t know the kinds of things we have disclosed on this podcast. And then, we’re taking your calls, including some of YOUR embarrassing disclosures! What got up a listener’s child’s nose, and how did it get out? What are your phones recommending you buy, perhaps based on your listening to us? HOW MANY of you want to hit up your local Olive Garden with David T. Cole?! We cover all this and much much more in the May 1990 Slumber Party!

Episode Rundown

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00:00:00 It Is May 1990 00:01:30 Quiz: Rate Your Embarrassability 00:13:50 From The Hotline 01:03:03 Goodbye For Now

Episode Notes

Kids In The Hall "Whole Lotta Milka" sketch on YouTube
"Interactive Cat Toys For Creative Kittens: Launch Training, Mini Pompoms Games, Stretch Plush Ball & More!" on Temu
The The Extra Hot Great podcast on Patreon (where we are discussing Free Spirit) podcast on Patreon (where we are discussing Free Spirit)