July 1990 Slumber Party: Horse Parking, Cher Impressions & A Mall Security Guard With A Secret

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Skipping the June 1990 Slumber Party means we’re doubling up on the quizzes this time, which is just as well since they’re both about half as compelling as usual. Rate Your Sassy Staff IQ? Rate Your Prejudices? Is…everyone okay? Fortunately, everyone who’s left us messages since the last time we heard from you is doing great: we’re delighted to hear your stories of life in Phoenix during the rodeo, how to use a pot lip balm without greasing up your finger, which smutty book compromised the integrity of your toys, and so much more. Grab a cocktail — maybe NOT from South Of The Border — and listen!

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It Is July 1990

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From The Hotline

From The Hotline

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Rate Your Sassy Staff IQ
Rate Your Prejudices
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