June 1988 Fashion Etc.: Hippies, Hat Crimes & A Hacked-Up Prom Dress

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We’re talking about the fashion and beauty of the June 1988 issue! Why is “My Backyard” in black-and-white, and did it make us less likely to covet the clothes? Which panelists hate all the hippies (and the hippie looks) of “Hip Hip Hippie”? Did any models cut their feet modeling barefoot in “Big Brights,” and what the hell does “popsicle speed” mean? Did you attempt to tie-dye using What Next’s instructions? Did “Some Things Never Change” make you nostalgic for your grandma’s style, or Tim Conway’s comedy? Isn’t that a co-host of The Real on the About Face page? SHOULD you cut up your prom dress? How wild are “The Wild Ones” of Coty Wild Musk? Do we still think Mary Clarke is cool and envy reader Barbara Francis’s day at the magazine? Some of these questions will be answered in our latest episode!

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00:00:00 Hello, It’s June 1988 00:02:20 Updates + In Our Lives 00:07:03 Fashion: Cover 00:08:49 Fashion: My Backyard 00:13:22 Fashion: Hip Hip Hippie 00:16:33 Fashion: Big Brights 00:20:07 Fashion: What Next 00:23:08 Beauty: Some Things Never Change 00:27:02 Beauty: About Face 00:31:41 Fashion: Then & Now 00:34:13 Sassy Ads 00:38:13 Sassy Club 00:40:24 Magazineyness: How One (She Thought She Was Lucky) Reader Survived A Day At Sassy 00:44:27 Magazineyness: Inside Out 00:45:54 Goodbye For Now

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