June 1988 Pop Culture: Celebrity Crushes, Ziggy Marley & Beetlejuice

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Pop culture in June 1988: let’s get into it! What Now serves up Weird Al (kind of), newlyweds “Leonard” Kravitz and Lisa Bonet, and beach book recommendations. The reviews introduce you to Feargal Sharkey, Toni Childs, Little Nikita, and the now months-old Beetlejuice. WAS George Newbern One To Watch? Your panel is divided! And we get not one, not two, but THREE features: profiles of Ziggy Marley and Jason Gedrick, and an essay on whether your celebrity boy crushes make the real-life boys in your life feel bad. Turn off that new Stacey Q album and listen to us instead!

Episode Rundown

Hello, It's June 1988

In Our Lives

Issue Search Update + Signoffs

What Now: Weird Al + Andrea = 4EVA

What Now: Young Celebrity Marriages

What Now: Bitchin' Beach Books

What Now: Who's In The Sassy Fan Club (and Who's Not)

What Now: Love, Jane XXX

What Now: Who Invented Father's Day

What Now: Glossary #3: Wanker

Listen Up: Feargal Sharkey

Listen Up: Talking Heads

Listen Up: Stacey Q

Watch It: This Movie Starring Michael Keaton, Alec Baldwin, Geena Davis And Winona Ryder, Directed By Tim Burton

Watch It: Stars & Bars

Watch It: 18 Again

Watch It: Little Nikita

Watch It: Plain Clothes

Watch It: Sticky Fingers

One To Watch: George Newbern

Feature: How I Bored Ziggy Marley

Feature: Why That Patrick Swayze Poster May Destroy Your Love Life

Feature: Don’t Call Jason Gedrick A Hunk!

Goodbye For Now

What Now: NYCancer

Episode Notes

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Sticky Fingers on Amazon Prime Video
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The Paramedics trailer on YouTube
Scandal on Hulu
"Your Celebrity Crush Might Be Ruining Your Love Life" at StudentLife
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Jason Gedrick in the series finale of Justified on Hulu
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