June 1988 Slumber Party: Glop, Snail Trails & Being Artistic

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The June 1988 quiz purported to calculate how artistic we are, but not all of your co-hosts are on board with the magazine’s methodology — though we do tell you how we did. Then it’s on to playing a selection of your voicemails, covering such topics as Kiwi periods, guerrilla anti-smoking campaigns, Guess Jeans, Beetlejuice, and justice for George Newbern. Get into it!

Episode Rundown

00:00:00 Hello, It's June 1988 00:01:54 This Mint Business 00:02:37 Thrills Gum 00:03:22 The Sassiest Girl In America Contest 00:03:49 Quiz: How Artistic Are You? 00:15:19 From The Hotline 00:31:20 Goodbye For Now 00:33:38 Thrills Gum Again

Episode Notes

The Sassiest Girl In America Contest Application: Get yours in by May 7!
Take the How Artistic Are You? quiz!
Tara's review of The Mosquito Coast AppleTV+ series at Primetimer.com