July 1988 Teen Life: Queer Couples, Guys Not To Date & Outdoor Parties

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What was going on in Teen Life in the July 1988 issue? A LOT. First, Catherine profiles a pair of queer couples she and Jane met at a legendary LGBT dance at Columbia. Then, we learn how to throw three distinct kinds of outdoor summer parties…and we have notes. Christina schools us on the five types of guys we should NOT date; Pam’s not sure if that means, like, ever? And the editors’ suggestions for ways to get fit without really noticing you’re exercising are confusing: there’s kind of a world of difference between how much you exert yourself skateboarding as opposed to floating in a lake. Lauren Yaffe’s short story “Under The Light” takes us to camp before On The Road takes us to Vienna, WV. Body Talk informs us about fitness walking, potato chips, cervical caps, and shinsplints. We hone in on the Help letters about drug-using parents, sex-having step-siblings, masturbation, and stinky feet. Finally, we discuss What He Said about losing his virginity. Steal that cocaine out of your mom’s purse (spoiler) and join us!

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Episode Rundown

Hello, It's July 1988

Feature: And They’re Gay

Feature: Do It Up Fresh!

Feature: Five Guys Not To Date

Feature: Forget Fitness

Fiction: Under The Light

On The Road: Vienna, WV

Body Talk


What He Said: When, Where, And How Did You Lose Your Virginity?

Goodbye For Now

Problem Feet

Episode Notes

Records of GLYNY (Gay And Lesbian Youth Of New York)
"Earl Hall at Columbia University Listed on National Register of Historic Places"
"Zero Waste Outdoor Dining: You Can Do It!" at The View From Great Island
"5 Guys You Should Never Date" at Stylecaster
The damsel-in-distress in Donkey Kong is Pauline, not Peach
"11 Little Ways To Exercise Without Actually Working Out" at Self
Fiction author Lauren Yaffe
Fiction illustrator Paula Nessick
Chelsea Library's 2017 Exhibit of Nessick's papers
Bret Michaels on Twitter
Tara on The CW's Dynasty