December 1988 Teen Life: Smoking, Preachers & Persimmons

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It’s time for festive fun with the December 1988 issue, and that means…kicking off with a real bummer of a Catherine story about two teen preachers, one of whom should have probably been removed from his father’s care. Christina tries to fulfill Jane’s request that she figure out what being “in love” actually is, and isn’t. Karen brings us what is essentially a holiday “What Now,” with gift ideas, recipes, fun facts, and a baffling layout. Karen then tries to convince her readership that smoking is uncool, fighting against decades of pop culture to the contrary. The whole staff pitches in on a holiday-themed short story. And then we’re on to the departments! Exercise tights in Body Talk! Going On The Road to Tempe! Highlights from Help and What He Said (about consent)! And another wild installment of Stuff You Wrote! Grab some Oreos — or don’t, if you have political qualms (…you’ll see) — and join us!

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Episode Rundown

It Is December 1988

Feature: Children Of God

Feature: How To Tell If You’re Really In Love

Feature: ’Tis The Season To Be Different

Feature: Smoking Is For Dags

Fiction: It’s A Wonderful Story

Body Talk

On The Road: Tempe


What He Said: If A Girl Says No, Do You Think She Really Means It?

Stuff You Wrote

Goodbye For Now

Bonus Douche Content!

Episode Notes

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