December 1988 Pop Culture: Tom Waits, Jason Bateman & R.E.M.’s Green

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Time to unwrap another holiday-season podcast, this time about the pop culture topics of the December 1988 issue! What Now serves up smog, some Sassy superfan sisters, a book giveaway, what the stars want for the holidays, and “grotty”! Reviews include R.E.M.’s Green (featuring a legendary gaffe by our fearless leader Jane), Mystic PizzaClara’s Heart, Bon Jovi’s New Jersey, and Tom Waits’s Big Time, which we talk about…a lot. One To Watch is certified A-lister — well, okay, B — Christian Slater! And the feature profiles go deep on R.E.M. — more Green content — and a truck-racing Jason Bateman seconds before he gave up the sport forever. Take off your fuzzy earmuffs and listen!

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00:00:00 It Is December 1988 00:04:19 What Now 00:15:34 Watch It: Clara's Heart 00:17:34 Watch It: The Beast 00:20:10 Watch It: Mystic Pizza 00:21:28 Listen Up: R.E.M. 00:24:47 Listen Up: Tom Waits 00:31:57 Listen Up: Bon Jovi 00:35:49 Listen Up: Anthrax 00:39:09 One To Watch: Christian Slater 00:42:59 Feature: How To Make An R.E.M. Record 00:46:24 Feature: A Boy And His Truck 00:51:23 Goodbye For Now

Episode Notes

"Ozone In Air Found Damaging To Condoms" at APNews
Wicomico County Health Department's HIV/AIDS program, current owner of 1-800-234-TEEN (8336)
Mystic Pizza on Netflix
Big Time on Paramount Plus
The December 1988 mixtape on Spotify
Athens, GA - Inside/Out on FlixFling
Jason Bateman's bad racing crash on YouTube
"How We Started a Racing Series That Almost Killed Jason Bateman" at Road And Track
Bateman himself discussing the crash on his podcast, Smartless (starting 01:07:30)
The Again With This podcast on Patreon