December 1988 Fashion Etc.: Marilyn, Layers & Spa Treatments

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The fashion (etc.) of the December 1988 issue features one spread inspired by the style of Marilyn Monroe, and another that shows you how to layer to stay both cute AND warm! There’s also a story that we might say culturally appropriated the Roma people, except (a) that’s not the word in the headline and (b) the interpretation is pretty loose. There are also step-by-step instructions on getting ready for a party, editors’ reports on various spa treatments, more Christmas stuff in Sassy Club, a bunch of new ads, and more! It’s a gift!

Episode Rundown

It Is December 1988


Fashion Feature: Marilyn!

Fashion Feature: Hey Gypsy

Fashion Feature: Over The Top

Making It: Sweatjacket

Beauty Feature: The Big Night

About Face

We Try It: Pamper Yourself

Then & Now: No More Frizzies

Sassy Ads

Sassy Club

Diary: Get Serious

Say What

Goodbye For Now

Over Over The Top

Episode Notes

"Losing And Finding My Worth Through Modeling" at New School Free Press
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"Resignation And Boycott At Sassy" at
Tara's author page at Decider, where you can find her recaps of You Season 3