April 1989 Fashion Etc.: Hats, Blurs & Swamp Swimsuits

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It’s a slimmed-down Fashion (etc.) issue this month, but we still find plenty to yell about in the features. Why aren’t any of the photos in “Going Fast” in focus? What is aspirational about a swimsuit shoot in a swamp? Who are they trying to kid with this friggin’ hat story? All this plus a bunch of new ads, a deep dive on Sassy Club and much much more in our latest episode!

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Episode Rundown

It Is April 1989

In Our Lives

Fashion Feature: Going Fast

Fashion Feature: Suit Yourself

Making It

Beauty Feature: Hot Heads

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Then And Now

Sassy Ads

Sassy Club

Say What

Goodbye For Now

Magnet Pole Position

Episode Notes

The Hunger Project
The "public criticism" tab on The Hunger Project's Wikipedia page
"Vintage 1985 Plax Dental Rinse Mouthwash Plastic bottle with old contents htf" on eBay
Tara's interview with Adam Scott on GQ.com