August 1990 Fashion Etc.: Boats, Socks & Diets

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It’s nearly time to go back to school, and Sassy has your wardrobe inspiration. Retro nerd? Cute jock? Merchant marine? It’s all possible if you run with Sassy‘s latest tips. There’s also advice on doing your hair and makeup like you didn’t try, making perfectly good underwear borderline unwearable, and ads, ads, ads. (Yes, Filippo-Totti is back, THANK GOD.) Turn down your Keith Sweat or MC Hammer albums and listen to all our thoughts on the August 1990 issue’s Fashion (Etc.)!

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It Is August 1990

Fashion Feature: Academia

Fashion Feature: Dressed To Play The Game

Fashion Feature: Water Proof

Making It: Under Where?

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Burnout Velvet Black Mary Poppins Weekender at
Women's 1988 Rollneck sweater at
Socks at
Stop Nail Biting MS at
Tara's review of Conan O'Brien Must Go at Cracked