August 1990 Teen Life: Eastern Europe, Wet Pastrami & Mr. Sperm

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Time for a new issue! Catherine kicks things off with a dark reporting trip to several locations that were, until quite recently, in the Soviet Union. Kim shares the results from a poll of guys’ and girls’ views, though what we mostly remember is what we thought they looked like in their underwear. Karen walks you through each day of your month as the owner of a female reproductive system. The fiction runner-up is about…talking to pastrami. All this plus Sassy staffers’ romantic boyfriends, the return of Help For Him, unorthodox uses for avocados, and much much more! Stop hitting on your attractive cousin and join us!

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Episode Rundown

It Is August 1990

Feature: Into The Light

Feature: The And-You-Thought-You-Knew-The-Difference-Between-Guys-And-Girls Poll

Feature: A Day-By-Day Ownerโ€™s Manual For The Female Body

Fiction: Cold Storage

Body Talk


Help For Him

What He Said: Whatโ€™s The Most Romantic Thing You Ever Did For Your G-Friend?

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Episode Notes

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