July 1989 Teen Life: Family Vacations, Fiction Winners & The Northern Lights

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You’re not going to believe this, but the first feature of the July 1989 issue — about getting through vacations with your family — is not extremely depressing; it’s merely somewhat worrisome if you read between the lines about maintaining harmony amongst everyone on the trip. In fact, there’s hopefulness in all the features, which also include a visit to Navajo and Hopi girls on an Arizona reservation, and theories on why guys might say “no” to you. We also read the first- and second-place finishers in Sassy’s first fiction contest; learn…very little about Las Vegas; find out how much importance Michael Stipe ascribes to every interaction Michael Stipe has ever had with every woman he’s ever met; and lots more — makes perfect listening for gazing at the Grand Canyon with your dad!

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Episode Rundown

It Is July 1989

Feature: Family Vacations Can Be Fun

Feature: What He Really Means When He Says No

Fiction: Contest Winners

Body Talk

On The Road: Las Vegas

It Happened To Me: Busted By Narc


What He Said: What Woman Has Had The Biggest Influence On Your Life?

Stuff You Wrote

Goodbye For Now

The Northern Lights

Episode Notes

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