August 1989 Fashion Etc.: Jeans, Beads & Boy Stuff

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It’s time for back-to-school shopping, so we’re going back to basics, with fashion stories on jeans and sweaters. There’s also a suggestion that you sew 1000 teeny-tiny beads on a dress, but who has the time? In the beauty lane, we’re learning about traditionally male grooming products and tips and all about kingpin hats, the down sides of manicures, how to match your foundation color AND dig in on a new feature: Zits And Stuff. All this and more is waiting for you!

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It Is August 1989 + Cover

Fashion Feature: Jeans Street

Fashion Feature: Into The Woods

Fashion Feature: Now Is The Time For All…

Making It: Bead It

Beauty Feature: Boy Stuff

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Zits And Stuff

Sassy Ads

Sassy Club

Diary: Get Back

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Goodbye For Now

Ultra Pink

A Case Of The Meats

Episode Notes

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