May 1990 Pop Culture: Johnny Deep, Samantha Mathis & More Johnny Depp

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We’ve had a lot of different feelings about Johnny Depp, the May 1990 cover boy, over the course of our lives, and while we might want to distance ourselves from the people we were in May 1990, when he was about as hot and sexy as he would ever be…we can’t; we have to talk about him — not only because there’s a feature profile on him, but because he’s all over the rest of the magazine too! His TV show, 21 Jump Street, comes up in What Now as the source material Dick Wolf’s Nasty Boys is obviously ripping off! His new movie, Cry-Baby is reviewed in Watch It! Even his fiancรฉe, Winona Ryder, comes up in the blurb on One To Watch Samantha Mathis! And then the profile itself is almost all just first-person quotes from Depp himself. It’s a Deppth charge of complicated memories, and we do our best to sort through them in our latest Pop Culture episode!

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It Is May 1990

What Now

Watch It

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One To Watch

Feature: Johnny Depp From A To W

Goodbye For Now

Episode Notes

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