May 1990 Fashion Etc.: Mixed Prints, Sweepstakes & Very Discolored Colors

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We still have a little left to say about Johnny Depp — he is our cover boy, after all — but then we get into the fashion (etc.) of the May 1990 issue. The photos for a swimsuit story starring Lou Rawls’s model daughter Louann all come out looking brown. Editorial on mixing prints gets mixed reviews. And the blue-green beauty story raises a lot more questions than it answers. We also cover Alice bands, harsh acne treatments, sunscreen, suntan oil, the slow death of Sassy Club, and much more! Put on your Artcarved class ring and get into it!

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00:00:00 It Is May 1990 00:04:23 Fashion Feature: Beach Alert 00:08:31 Fashion Feature: In Prints 00:13:12 Fashion Feature: In Prints 00:16:45 About Face 00:21:04 Sassy Ads 00:39:04 Diary: We’re Not Home Right Now 00:41:06 Inside Out: The One That Got Away 00:42:18 Goodbye For Now

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