May 1990 Teen Life: Pets, Fishbowls & Tortured Moms

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It’s time to crack open a brand-new (33-year-old) issue of Sassy! A lovely profile of Cara Dunne, a blind Harvard student, is chased by the horror show of Karen’s report on volunteering at a vet’s office. Kim has the brilliant brainstorm of soliciting stories of her colleagues’ teen cruelty to their moms, and THEN reaching out to said moms for comment. Christina goes to Hawaii to interview some world-class surfers about the sport. And the rest of the Teen Life topics are a rich tapestry too: we do a tight ten on the bizarre photo choice for Body Talk; critique the What He Said respondents on their stories of standing up dates; sit with the deep thoughts of Stuff You Wrote; and more! Call your mom, then listen!

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Episode Rundown

It Is May 1990

Feature: Blue Is The Color Of The Grass

Feature: What Vets Do

Feature: How To Drive Your Mother Crazy

Fiction: One To Twenty-Six

Body Talk


It Happened To Me: Presumably White Girl Discovers Some People Aren’t Wealthy

Stuff You Wrote

Goodbye For Now

Feature: We Take Surfers Seriously

Episode Notes

Cara Dunne-Yates's obituary in the Los Angeles Times
The Cara Dunne-Yates memorial in Snowmass Village, Colorado
Pam Burridge on the Huntington Beach Surfing Walk Of Fame
Generations: A Century Of Women Speak About Their Lives by Myriam Miedzian and Alisa Malinovich
Renee K. (Kotche) Bachman's obituary
Tara's piece on Starstruck at