July 1988 Pop Culture: Dating Game, Aussie Bands & Cool Breezes

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Our discussion of the pop culture topics in the July 1988 issue of Sassy turns into a wild ride, as Dave takes tough stances on overstuffed comic books, Pam fact-checks an item on Keanu Reeves’s name, and a factoid about fireworks ends up in a revelation about pediatric dentistry in Saskatchewan in the 1980s. Watch It covers Permanent Record and Running On Empty, among others; then Listen Up assigns Jenny Morris the wrong nationality but also tells us about a solo project from a guy in The Smiths. Chris Young tries (and fails) to break the One To Watch curse. Then it’s on to the features: Christina reports from the set of The All New Dating Game and delivers a roundup of Australian bands, before Karen profiles a very VERY young Chynna Phillips. No need to hold on for one more day: our latest podcast is here!

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00:00:00 Hello, It's July 1988 00:02:31 In Our Lives 00:06:04 What Now: Comic Books Are Your Friend 00:10:32 What Now: Gibson Grammar 101 00:12:13 What Now: Dirty Dancing II 00:14:05 What Now: Keanu Reeves 00:16:53 What Now: Groovox 00:18:27 What Now: Stonewashed Demin 00:21:01 What Now: Our Karen Is Growing Up 00:23:21 What Now: Who Thought Up Fireworks? 00:26:53 What Now: Banana Guy Yells At Condoms 00:28:30 Watch It: Permanent Record 00:29:34 Watch It: Stormy Monday 00:31:38 Watch It: Running On Empty 00:33:00 Watch It: Casual Sex? 00:34:24 Watch It: Critters 2 00:35:55 Listen Up: Morrissey 00:37:48 Listen Up: Jenny Morris 00:39:14 Listen Up: Jane Wiedlin 00:40:31 Listen Up: Nu Shooz 00:43:36 One To Watch: Chris Young 00:46:36 Feature: I Was A "Dating Game" Bachelorette 00:50:45 Feature: Australian Bands Are Cooler 01:01:05 Feature: The Big Lies About Chynna 01:03:12 Goodbye For Now 01:04:54 Elfquest

Episode Notes

Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights on HBO Max
This American Life segment on Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights
Keanu Reeves at an L.A. Derby Dolls bout
Contemporary stonewashed denim for sale at Mr Porter
Academic study of Saskatchewan's school-based dental program, WHICH WAS REAL
Permanent Record trailer on YouTube
River's Edge trailer on YouTube
Glenn F. Bunting, who reported the story River's Edge was based on, comments on the film in the L.A. Times
Stormy Monday trailer on YouTube
Running On Empty on HBO Max
Running On Empty trailer on YouTube
Casual Sex? trailer on YouTube
Casual Sex? movie poster
Critters 2 trailer on YouTube
Jenny Morris on Wikipedia
Jenny Morris covering "Jackson" with Michael Hutchence
Pam's July 1988 mixtape on Spotify
Jake's Journey on Wikipedia
"10 More Promising TV Pilots That Weren't Picked Up" at Vulture
Another Jake's Journey remembrance that references an article about it at Starlog
The Great Outdoors on Showtime
The Celebrity Dating Game on ABC.com
Chynna Phillips's YouTube channel, "California Preachin'"
"Chynna Phillips, the other Baldwin wife, bares all on Hilaria, faith and Justin Bieber" at PageSix.com
Tara's interview with Allison Janney at VanityFair.com
The Great American Pop Culture Quiz Show podcast