May 1989 Teen Life: Weightlifting, Shoplifting & What Guys Want

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We’re opening up a brand-new issue and discussing its Teen Life topics! What’s it like to be a competitive weightlifter who is also female? Which camp should you go to…next year, since if you’re reading recommendations in May it’s too late for this summer? Do guys REALLY only want sex? And what kind of slang are they busting out in Boulder? All this and much more in our latest podcast — the perfect soundtrack to your next shoplifting trip!

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00:00:00 It Is May 1989 00:07:15 Feature: Pumping 00:12:25 Feature: "Guys Just Want One Thing" And Other Myths 00:18:57 Feature: The Official Sassy Guide To The Grooviest Camps 00:27:24 Fiction: Red 00:28:45 Body Talk 00:43:92 Help 00:47:29 It Happened To Me: Got Caught Shoplifting 00:51:40 On The Road: Boulder 00:56:13 Goodbye For Now 00:58:49 Confused Asks... 10:00:50 M. Edwards' Forever

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