June 1989 Slumber Party: TV Trivia, Taco Bell & Tampons

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It’s one thing to test your TV trivia IQ today, when there are hundreds of networks and dozens of streaming platforms. It’s quite another to test how well you can recall TV trivia that, at its most recent, is 33 years old — but your co-hosts bravely attempt it with the June 1989 quiz, Rate Your TV Trivia IQ. (Which of us got a perfect score? The answer won’t surprise you.) Then it’s on to your latest voicemails, which run the gamut from tales of high school employment, good and bad; beloved YA novel series of yesteryear; one particularly memorable Chicagoland Batman fanatic; and more! Grab yourself some Taco Bell (…or don’t), and join us!

Episode Rundown

It Is June 1989

Quiz: Rate Your TV Trivia IQ

From The Hotline

Goodbye For Now

Episode Notes

The June 1989 quiz: Rate Your TV Trivia IQ
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