December 1989 Fashion Etc.: Sequins, Lucy & Cheap-Ass Christmas Gifts

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One decade’s ending and another one’s starting: maybe your old aesthetic should end and you should try out a new one? The December 1989/January 1990 double issue has some ideas! What if you dressed like Lucille Ball, or a crow? What if you glued sequins to a t-shirt, or your face? What if you gave yourself dreadlocks??? …Actually, don’t do that one. Elsewhere, readers are calling out fur that turns out to be faux; a feature writer keeps her job thanks to fax machines; and the whole staff is giving you Christmas presents that cost them absolutely nothing and that they didn’t even edit. We’ve got LOTS to say about all of it!

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Episode Rundown

It Is December 1989


Fashion Feature: In Sequins

Fashion Feature: Of Mountains And Melodrama

Fashion Feature: Having A Ball

Beauty Feature: Very Party

Bonus Insert: Here Are Your Presents

Sassy Ads

Sassy Club

Diary: Play Ball

Say What

Goodbye For Now

Pam'd It

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Kryolan theatrical makeup