December 1989 Slumber Party: Christmas, Fuddrucker’s & Ophthalmology

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Yes, we know it’s spring and we’re talking about the winter holidays, but that’s just how things shake out sometimes. After the “Rate Your Ho-Ho-Ho-ness” quiz discussion takes a surprisingly contentious turn, we play some of your latest calls! Topics include but are not limited to: Cher, Tori Spelling, the redheaded guy from Workaholics, Comedy Central, Cher, chambray, Fuddrucker’s, Skyline Chili, Hatchet, Belk, and how many eye puff tests one person can experience in a day and still live to tell about it. Roll out your sleeping bag, it’s the Slumber Party!

Episode Rundown

It Is December 1989

Quiz: Rate Your Ho-Ho-Ho-ness

From The Hotline

Goodbye For Now

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