April 1990 Fashion Etc.: Tattoos, Wigs & Strawberry Frankenstein

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The April 1990 issue knows exactly what you need to wear. Six essential pieces, half of which are actually visible in the fashion story! Tattoo prints and embroidery! Ballet slippers with gold shoelaces for some reason! WIGS! All this plus ads for Rit dye and a demented t-shirt, intern testimonials and world-class letters, and much much more in our latest Fashion Etc. episode!

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Episode Rundown

These times are for the original edit of the episode and may shift due to dynamic ad inserts.
00:00:00 It Is April 1990 00:03:53 Cover 00:06:25 Fashion Feature: Want You Need 00:08:36 Fashion Feature: Nice Girls Wear Tats 00:13:55 Fashion Feature: Bloomin’ 00:17:20 Making It: New Shoes 00:21:55 Beauty Feature: Wig City 00:26:39 Then & Now: She Could Have Dyed 00:30:32 Sassy Ads 00:50:15 Diary: Intern Power 00:51:09 Say What 00:57:01 Inside Out: How A Story Becomes 00:59:26 Goodbye For Now 01:01:09 I Hate Them All

Episode Notes

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