April 1990 Pop Culture: Milk, Deadheads & Jason Priestley

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Is Tremors actually a better movie than its marketing would have you believe? Will new Young Guns make the Young Guns sequel more compelling than the original? Who exactly is ruining the scene outside Grateful Dead shows? And why didn’t Jason Priestley talk to Christina — surely Sister Kate couldn’t be keeping him that busy? We answer all these questions and tons more you literally never could have anticipated in our latest pop culture episode!

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00:00:00 It Is April 1990 00:05:06 What Now 00:20:03 Watch it 00:21:52 Listen Up 00:32:35 One To Watch 00:35:04 Feature: My Life As A Deadhead 00:39:26 Goodbye For Now 00:40:21 Their Milk Comes In Bags

Episode Notes

Red Hot Chili Peppers "Taste The Pain" video on YouTube
Robert Williams
"The New Kid In The Class" episode of the New Kids On The Block animated series
"The Milk Bag Pitcher" at AmiMagazine.com
Milk bag cutter
Unspecified episode of Normal Life on YouTube
The April 1990 mix tape
The Dead And Gone podcast