June 1990 Teen Life: Cowgirls, Aliens & Crabs

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CW: sexual assault. We’re cracking open the June 1990 issue and kicking off with a discussion of its Teen Life topics! After racing as fast as possible through “Boys Who Raped,” we lighten up with a look at some of Texas’s most impressive teen cowgirls, and another Kim banger — this time on what might make you a bad friend. Sandra Tyler achieves Elizabeth Mosierian heights with her fiction piece, “Visiting My Father.” Tooth brushing techniques, cracking knees, an Alien Nation alien, Stuff You Wrote going 5 for 5 with pure gold — this episode’s got it all!

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00:00:00 It Is June 1990 00:03:16 Feature: Boys Who Raped 00:06:26 Feature: Why I Couldn’t Be A Cowgirl 00:11:20 Feature: How To Be A Bad Friend 00:14:51 Fiction: Visiting My Father 00:17:15 Body Talk 00:25:22 What He Said: Would You Change Your Appearance For A Girl? 00:30:04 It Happened To Me: Mother Was A Crack Addict 00:32:27 Help 00:37:45 Stuff You Wrote 00:44:30 Goodbye For Now

Episode Notes

MacLaren Youth Correctional Facility
We didn't get to this, but two queer youths are suing MacLaren, alleging harassment and abuse while they were in custody
Blue Glass, from which "Visiting My Father" is excerpted, on AbeBooks.com
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