June 1990 Fashion Etc.: Water, Sun & How To Ruin A Swimsuit

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Summer is officially here, and that means learning how to stay beautiful in the water, and not use too much, but also splash your face 20 times when you wash it. It means spending time in the sun, and boiling a whole lettuce head to use the juice to soothe your skin if you burn it. It also means taking a perfectly good one-piece swimsuit, cutting it into two, tying it in knots, and hoping for the best? We cover all this, plus a bumper crop of ads, in the June 1990 Fashion Etc. episode!ย 

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00:00:00 It Is June 1990 00:02:56 Fashion Feature: Happily, Under The Sun 00:03:47 Making It 00:06:33 Beauty Feature: The Wetter The Better & The Brighter The Better 00:15:33 About Face 00:17:02 Zits And Stuff 00:22:39 Sassy Ads 00:36:09 Diary: Arenโ€™t We Conscious? 00:37:12 Goodbye For Now 00:38:59 I Was Waiting For You To Read Them All

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