July 1990 Teen Life: Road Trips, Boyfriend Fights & Inverted Nipples

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We’re diving into a new issue and…finding horror, unfortunately. Catherine interviews a girl whose high school boyfriend murdered her parents. Help offers painful-sounding advice to a letter writer looking to turn out her inverted nipples. AND Kim, Karen, and Mike are staying in low-end hotels?! Okay, that last one was a joke; their road trip sounds pretty fun. And there’s a lot to love in the issue’s teen life topics, from great advice about fighting with a partner to a contest-winning fiction story from a future bestselling author to a whole new column: Help For Him! Take a break from trying to run a ten-minute mile and join us!

Episode Rundown

It Is July 1990

Feature: He Killed Her Parents

Feature: We’re On Vacation

Feature: Single Action Green

Feature: The Fine Art Of Fighting With Your Boyfriend

Fiction: Pink Champagne

Body Talk

What He Said: Who Is Your Idol?

It Happened To Me: Censorship At My School Newspaper



Stuff You Wrote

Goodbye For Now

Episode Notes

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"Girl Says Murder Suspect Had 'Bad Temper'" on Deseret.com
"Killer Who Was Captured In S.K. Gets Life Sentence" on Deseret.com
"Habitat for Humanity rehabbing site of 1988 Richard Church murders" on ShawLocal.com
South Of The Border's website
"Sarai Walker: 'I stopped holding back, and my writing had a new energy" on TheGuardian.com
"Should we be surprised by John Wayne's racist and homophobic views?" at TheGuardian.com
A study on the effectiveness of Hoffman's exercise for nursing parents with inverted nipples
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