July 1990 Fashion Etc.: Dickies, Curlers & Miss Personality Plus

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The July 1990 issue has a lot of ideas about your look. Some are good, like the spread of 40s-inspired swimsuits. Some are weird, like the Making It suggestion that you cut off the collar and cuffs of a buttondown shirt and just tuck them, loose, into a pullover sweater, hoping for the best. Some are simply Not Done anymore, like getting white girl “beach braids” on your visit to the Caribbean. We’re telling you about all this and more — including a bumper crop of all-new ads! — in the July 1990 Fashion Etc. issue!

Visual Aids

Episode Rundown

It Is July 1990

Fashion Feature: And The Winner Is

Fashion Feature: Slow Motion

Making It: Nothing Up Our Sleeves

Beauty Feature: Get Your Hair Fixed

Sassy Ads

Say What

Inside Out: Why There’s No Christina Story In This Issue

Goodbye For Now

Episode Notes

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"Sorry, There Is No German TV Show Dedicated to Cutting Food Perfectly in Half" at Gizmodo
Billie Eilish at the 2024 Golden Globes
"Smart packaging choices help reintroduction of Finesse haircare products" at PackagingDigest.com
Another Filippo-Totti ad from November 1989
Realistic Wildlife Taxidermy, in Corsicana, TX
Tara's interview with Will Forte and Nicole Sullivan of Clone High at Cracked.com