February 1990 Teen Life: Divorce, Dude Defects & A New Sassiest Girl In America

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Thirteen months have gone by since Sassy crowned Rinnan its first Sassiest Girl In America, so it’s time to pick a new one from a notably smaller field of finalists. Did we agree with the judges’ choice? (Would we bring it up here if we did?) Catherine reports on a woman who was divorced before she was old enough to vote. Kim France makes her debut with a confusing piece on “dude defects.” Karen tries her hand at fiction again. All this, plus What He Said about fantasy women, an It Happened To Me that’s more It Happened To Dad, a Stuff You Wrote that inspires musical interpretation, and much much more!

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00:00:00 It Is February 1990 00:03:56 Feature: Four Of The Sassiest Girls In America 00:17:04 Feature: Diary Of A Marriage 00:19:24 Feature: The 7 Deadly Dude Defects 00:23:45 Feature: Beauty Pageants Are A Lot Like The Army 00:26:32 Fiction: 10-4 Good Buddy 00:29:34 Body Talk 00:31:58 What He Said: Who Is Your Fantasy Woman? 00:36:42 Help 00:40:11 It Happened To Me: Father Was Having Surgery During 1989 California Earthquake 00:43:59 Stuff You Wrote 00:49:11 Goodbye For Now

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