February 1990 Fashion Etc.: Embroidery, Cologne & DIY Beauty Basics

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After blowing past cover girl Gina Marie DeGiovanni, we delve into the Fashion (Etc.) of the February 1990 issue. Give your preppy basics some edge! Canoodle with your boyfriend while you’re both swathed in embroidery! Dump a bottle of cranberry juice on your head and see what happens! Also: Christina tries a bunch of beauty treatments; you get the best red lipstick recommendations at all price points; the New Kids are popping off in a full-page ad for their (very pricey) hotline. All this and more in our latest episode!

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00:00:00 It Is February 1990 00:04:09 Cover 00:06:01 Fashion Feature: Look For Love 00:13:35 Fashion Feature: Wear This 00:20:04 Beauty Feature: Make-It-Yourself Beauty Basics 00:34:07 We Try It 00:40:16 About Face 00:45:04 Zits And Stuff 00:46:04 Sassy Ads 00:59:08 Diary: My Glamorous Life 01:01:35 Say What 01:02:51 Goodbye For Now

Episode Notes

Lipstick/finger/teeth tip located: the April 1998 Fashion Etc. episode
"The Rise And Fall Of Harley-Davidson Perfume" at RideApart.com
"The Harley-Davidson Product No One Remembers" at MilwaukeeMag.com
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Paloma Picasso Mon Rouge lipstick on Etsy
Gone With The Wind: The Fragrance on eBay
Gone With The Wind: The Fragrance at Cleopatra's Boudoir
New Kids On The Block 1-900 Hotline TV commercial on YouTube: 1
New Kids On The Block 1-900 Hotline TV commercial on YouTube: 2
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