February 1990 Slumber Party: Willpower, Pedicures & Poetry Scams

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First off, we take February 1990 “Rate Your Willpower” quiz. If you think you may know what kind of tangents that leads us to, you are almost certainly wrong. Then we play your latest voicemails, in which you tell us about your own experiments with Sassy‘s beauty hacks, your musings about which kind of medical procedure would be least terrible if interrupted by an earthquake, what it’s like to get scammed by a poetry contest, and so much more!

Episode Rundown

It Is February 1990

Quiz: Rate Your Willpower

From The Hotline

The Long Goodbye For Now

Episode Notes

The "Rate Your Willpower" quiz
Burn It Down by Maureen Ryan at HarperCollins.com
Partial explanation of the Television Without Pity reference on My Name Is Earl, at Metafilter
The Great American Pop Culture Quiz Show podcast
The ATX TV Festival
WGA Contract 2023