March 1990 Teen Life: One-Night Stands, Pick-Up Lines & Mother Teresa

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Sassy embarks upon its third year with a fun, kicky feature on a girl whose parents committed her to a mental institution for what sure seem like spurious reasons. Christina gets heteronormative about one-night-stands, starting with the assumption that you, a girl, might not want to have one. A list of the 20 coolest women hasn’t aged well the whole way through (although “Mom” probably still rocks). All this plus another weird short story, Young MC abandoning his whole ethos to pretend he doesn’t use pick-up lines, all the ginseng news you can handle, and much much more!

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00:00:00 It Is March 1990 00:02:44 Spine Line 00:04:15 Feature: She’s Not Crazy 00:09:28 Feature: One-Night Stand Prevention Kit 00:13:32 Feature: Your (And Our) 20 Coolest Women Ever 00:20:40 Fiction: Maury The Mouse 00:22:06 Body Talk 00:32:54 What He Said: Do You Use Pick-Up Lines? 00:37:15 Help 00:41:15 Stuff You Wrote 00:45:33 Goodbye For Now

Episode Notes

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