March 1990 Pop Culture: Stephen Baldwin, Rikki Rockett & The Johns

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Are you still calling all guys “Fred”s? Did you hoard your Debbie Gibson autobiography or are you one of the people selling it for three figures on eBay? Can you pick Stephen Baldwin out of a lineup? Did you thrill to Mama, There’s A Man In Your Bed? DO YOU THINK THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS ARE GOOD?! …This is not actually a quiz; we’re just letting you know some of the questions you may ask yourself after listening to our March 1990 Pop Culture episode. Get into it!

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00:00:00 It Is March 1990 00:03:50 What Now 00:25:00 Watch It 00:30:34 Listen Up 00:40:50 One To Watch 00:44:45 Feature: What Do Giants Eat? 00:46:23 Goodbye For Now

Episode Notes

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Debbie Gibson's Skirts screen text opposite Marisa Tomei
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Boys Alone on YouTube
Girls Alone on YouTube
Streets on YouTube
Mama, There's A Man In Your Bed aka Romuald Et Juliette on Kanopy
Lord Of The Flies on YouTube
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"What We Know About Stephen Baldwin's Political Views" on
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