March 1990 Fashion Etc.: Prom, Audrey & Wildly Expensive Brushes

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Sassy‘s second birthday coincides with prom, and this issue is on it, showing you how to get ready (with…a bodybuilding magazine?) and one ad full of Merry Go Round’s weirdest dresses. There’s also a great spread on Audrey Hepburn as a fashion muse, and a weird spread on environmentally conscious fashion that doesn’t quite think things through. We’re also learning which natural beauty products passed Sassy editors’ testing, what Climax Springs is, and how friggin’ many soap stars had their own 900 numbers in this era. Put on your most diaphanous sleeves and get into it!

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Fashion Feature: Kinder, Gentler Clothes

Fashion Feature: This Model Tells You All The Gory Details

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