March 1990 Slumber Party: Butts, Teratomas & Your Self-Centeredness

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The March 1990 quiz dares readers to “Rate Your Self-Centeredness,” and we dropped everything to do a deep analysis on life’s main characters: us! In fact, because the voicemailbox was a bit empty this time around — maybe the heat wave fried your phones? — that we were able to focus on our responses to the quiz for twice as long as we normally do! Then, we flipped over to your calls on topics including Buns Of Steel, a Sassy cameo in Christmas Vacation, how far back our lives on the internet actually exist, among many other concerns. Take a break from listening to your own inner monologue and listen to us instead!

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It Is March 1990

Quiz: Rate Your Self-Centeredness

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Goodbye For Now

Episode Notes

The March 1990 quiz: "Rate Your Self-Centeredness"
Tara's Praise Petey review at Cracked
Pam is going to be on the Scriptnotes podcast