April 1990 Teen Life: Dangerous Questions, Dolphins & Discharge

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The April 1990 issue may have fewer Teen Life features, but what they lack in number they make up for in discussion value. Mike counsels us on how not to talk to guys. A story on an anorexic girl basically leaves her out entirely. Christina is stunned to learn that dolphins…may not want to swim with humans? All this and more, from Gilda Marx to the family restaurant Dave is deprived from visiting, awaits you in our April 1990 Teen Life episode!

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Episode Rundown

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00:00:00 It Is April 1990 00:03:18 Feature: Five Things Never, Ever, To Ask A Guy 00:17:06 Feature: This Is What Anorexia Did To Our Family 00:19:59 Feature: Is It Right To Swim With Dolphins? 00:24:35 Body Talk 00:30:45 It Happened To Me: Plagiarist Got Caught 00:33:19 Help 00:43:15 What He Said: Could You Love Two Girls At The Same Time? 00:45:56 Stuff You Wrote 00:52:06 Goodbye For Now 00:53:53 Pamie's Doxx Corner

Episode Notes

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