July 1990 Pop Culture: Bart Simpson, Scott Garrison & Dozens Of Recommendations

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For its July 1990 issue, Sassy COULD just give you five reviews each in Listen Up and Watch It, as usual. But no: they’ve gone above and beyond to save you from boredom by creating a special pop culture supplement you can tear out and take straight to the video store, record store, bookstore, and library to load up on all the movies, albums, and books Sassy thinks you need to check out. Are some of their recommendations weird or wrong? Sure! But a lot of them are solid; we go through the lists to say which ones we co-sign. All this plus a What Now with possibly the best Sassy Glossary item yet AND a One To Watch who definitely wasn’t awaits you in our latest podcast!

Episode Rundown

It Is July 1990

What Now

One To Watch

Supplement: Don’t Die Of Boredom This Summer

Goodbye For Now

Episode Notes

"Young Guns Signed Film Script X12 Emilio Estevez Kiefer Sutherland Sheen reprint" on eBay
"Is Radiac Radioactive?" on OurTownNY.com
@Tribes1990 on YouTube
Scott Garrison on IMDb
Tara at Cracked
Nimona on Netflix